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Can I use 380v 50Hz machine on 460v 60Hz power source?

There is some information that is missing to make a definitive determination as to the suitability of using a 50 Hz motor on a 60 Hz power system. We need to know the complete motor nameplate data including HP/kW, RPM, Frequency, Voltage, Frame Size and kVA code. We also need to know the voltage and frequency of the supply that you plan to use to power the machine and the starting / operating method to be used with the motor. Last, we need to know the characteristics of the driven load. You indicate that is a cooling pump but is that a centrifugal pump (as I suspect) or is it a positive displacement pump?
460v 60Hz to 380v 50Hz converter
Since the formula for governing the synchronous speed of a three-phase motor is = [(120* Hz)/# Motor Poles] if this is a 4-pole motor then at 50 Hz the speed would be 1500 RPM whereas at 60 Hz the speed would be 1800 RPM. Since motors are constant torque machines then by applying the formula that HP = (torque*RPM)/5252 then you can see that with a 20% increase in speed the motor would also then be able to produce 20% more horsepower. The motor would be able to produce rated torque at both frequencies only apply if the V/Hz ratio is constant, meaning that at 50 Hz the supply voltage would need to be 380V and at 60 Hz the supply voltage would need to be 460V. In both cases the V/Hz ratio is 7.6 V/Hz.

The biggest issue will likely come into play if the load is a centrifugal pump. This is because the Affinity laws for centrifugal fans and pumps state that the brake horsepower required by the pump is proportional to the change in speed cubed. In this case a 20% increase in speed will require 1.73 times more horsepower.

A potential solution for this problem would be to apply a variable frequency drive in this application which would be able to take in the 460V/60 Hz power source and output 380V/50Hz to the motor, putting everything back to the original design.
Hi there.
I have a question, and will appreciate your answer.
I have a led lamp rated 380 v 50 Z, will it support 460v 60 hz.?
Thanks for your reply.

- - - -> by: Manuel
If the power requirement for an equipment will be 380VAC 3PH, 50Hz, at 35 Amps Maximum and All internal fuse protection for the Tester circuits utilize class CC fusing. What do we need to do for it if we had to provide power supply for it from a 480V main supply?


- - - -> by: Abdul wali
Hello Abdul,

You can use a GoHz Converter to convert 3ph 480v 60Hz to 3ph 380v 50Hz, just go to the contact us page to get a price.

- - - -> by: GoHz
hi i have washing machine 50hz 220v 2200watts, but in my place 220v 60hz, what converter i will use?
- - - -> by: enan
That's understood but still boosting voltage from 380v 60hz(supply) to 460v 50hz (transformer boost) what wire size will be required
- - - -> by: Name *
I have percussion machine that has a 90kw 3phase electric motor 50hrz. While my generator is rated at 440V 60hrz . Can i connect the generator with the electric motor ?

Thank You
- - - -> by: Ryan

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